Thursday, September 1, 2016

Handling a Personal Crisis

September is National Suicide Awareness Month, are you prepared to deal with a loved one's crisis or your own personal crisis?  Do you have a safety plan set up for when someone is feeling depressed or suicidal?

All year long when you live in severe weather areas you are told to prepare for severe weather.  So why do we not take the same care and prep for sever emotional disturbances?  Let’s take a quick minute and fill your mental health resource tool box.

First what are some signs that a friend or loved one may be heading towards a crisis or having suicidal thoughts.

Are they?
  • giving away prized possessions
  • making statements such as ""things would be better if I were not here” “no one would miss me” “I wish I could disappear"
  • are they fixated on death and dying? 
  • vocalizing intense emotional pain, they want to stop
  • self-injurious behaviors like cutting, driving 20-50+ miles over the speed limit 

How can you be prepared?

Visit sites like and learn more about depression and suicide

Keep important crisis hotlines that are always manned with a person to talk to or text at hand.  These days there are even crisis hotlines for teenagers. 

National Suicide Line  800-SUICIDE  or 800.273.TALK
Veterans Suicide line 800.273.TALK press option "1"
Text "START" to 741-741
Teen Line 800.442.HOPE

Get yourself or your loved one some help.  Go see a licensed therapist before a crisis hits and learn to manage situations. 

For more information, visit us at 

Can you suggest any other resources?  We would love to hear from you.


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