Friday, February 5, 2016

Leaving Excess Baggage Behind and Mending Hurt Feelings

Throughout  our lives we acquire baggage from relationships. We harbor unprocessed or negative emotions about people, situations and incidents that continue to affect us if we do not take the time to address and resolve them.

Everyone's emotional baggage is different.  Some people have issues with being along or not in a relationship after being left suddenly with explanation or resolution by a partner.  Others have trust issues after being cheated on by their partners.  If you felt neglected in a past relationship you may now be sensitive to being excluded from activities or even be clingy.  If you were emotionally or physically abused you may have low self-worth and constantly make self-deprecating statements or constantly look for validation from your partner.

Baggage can be burdensome and weigh you down.  So unknowingly you unload it unto others.  This is unfair and inappropriate.  A persons mistreatment of you in the past does not provide you permission to assume that your new partner/ significant other will or is doing the same, or that every person from the negative encounter forward will mistreat you.

Assuming responsibility for your actions and your part in every situation is essential to claim your emotional freedom from your baggage.  Remind yourself that others should not have to suffer because of your past experiences.  Ask for the help that you need.  It is essential that you also protect yourself emotionally, especially if you have encountered or attracted the wrong types of people into your life.  The more you know about your "hurt" and what baggage you carry the better equipped you are to start working on resolving it, and handle situation when they arise.  Therapy can help you process your feelings and help you achieve emotional freedom.  

I would like to encourage you to explore what triggers you emotionally.

Tell me your story!  I would love to hear it!

This post written By Barika Grayson LMHC, NCC, CCM for Concierge & VIP Counseling.

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