Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Value your Time & Money- Quality Services from Providers

Imagine walking into your favorite bakery, ordering your favorite pastry, opening the perfect little pastry box expecting to enjoy a blissful moment, and only finding half of what you expected. This is what many people find when they go to service providers who do not respect that time is money, and do not provide full services for payment received.  This is also a two-way street, consumers should be cognizant and respectful of providers’ time and make sure they are on time to appointments.   

I recently visited a physical therapist. I arrived for my appointment 10 minutes early, he came to get me for my appointment 10 minutes late.   My 25-minute post-surgical visit consisted of five quality minutes with the physical therapist and a 45-minute bill.  That being said, we absolutely met the goal of our session. But, I believe that I could have gotten more out of the session. Everyone’s experience will not be the same as mine. Let’s examine what actually happened in the session: this particular physical therapist is very charismatic and enjoyed multiple conversations with multiple people in for physical therapy that day. So much so, that while working directly with me and asking me to explain what was going on with my shoulder he interrupted me to answer a question that another patron was asking. Bringing us to our next very important point quality sometimes quality is much more important than quantity.  Always take into an account whether the quality of the service you receive is worth the amount that you pay.

Let’s go back to your favorite bakery for a moment. Thinking again about that half-pastry, you absolutely say something to the owner about only receiving half of the pastry even if you’re on a diet. So why then would you not say something to a service provider for only receiving half of the services that you’re supposed to receive. Make sure that you have good communication with your provider. A good provider will give you in writing what there standard services are. If not, feel free to ask what’s the general time that I will spend with you for this session or for the service.  I know some service providers that are so excited about what they do that their sessions actually tend to go over the normal billable time for each individual patient causing them to run late throughout the day. Knowing these patients still choose to see this doctor or service provider and wait knowing that they are going to get the specialized care and same treatment that caused their appointment to be pushed back a little bit. This is a great example of where quality of time supersedes the fact that the appointment starts late. 

The best way to ensure that you are getting the best services for your money, is to talk to the service provider, then do an analysis of your needs and see if the provider is meeting them. Make sure that you know exactly what the parameters of the services are, and then see if the service received meet your expectations while falling within the parameters.  If there is ever anything you do not understand ask questions.

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