Monday, December 21, 2015

Importance of Taking Prescribed Medications

At Concierge Counseling we continue to encounter clients who report that they are experiencing side effects associated with poor medication adherence.   Medications are prescribed to manage a variety conditions, and when taken as prescribed, they can decrease the chances of hospitalization, episodes of pain and other negative side effects.  As counselors providing holistic care we need to have our clients explore their medication adherence as it relates to their physical and behavioral health needs.  Early non adherence in patients with schizophrenia results in increased hospitalizations with longer lengths of stay and an increase of relapse.  In a recent study, missing as few as 1-10 days of medication nearly doubled the risk of hospitalization.

Reasons people miss doses of medication:
  • Confusion about dosing schedule or inconvenient dosing schedule
  • Misunderstand the health condition
  • Changes in daily routine
  • Memory issues/ intellectual limitations
  • Transportation issues
  • Belief that the drug is no longer needed because they are feeling well
  • Denial of illness/ condition
  • Concerns about medication (side effects, dependence, asymptomatic condition)

Tips for maintaining medication compliance:

The key word is SIMPLE!
  • S- Simplify the regimen
  • I- Impart knowledge
  • M- Modify patient beliefs and behavior
  • P- Provide communication and trust
  • L- Leave the bias
  • E- Evaluate the Adherence

Make medication adherence SIMPLE for yourself and your clients today.  For more tips please visit us at  

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