Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Holiday Stress Management

The holidays are here, for some that means happy times, great conversations, warm hugs, and fuzzy family feelings.  For other's holidays can be a stressful time, with awkward family encounters, meeting in-laws for the first time, travel with children, or a time without family & friends.  Whatever your holiday stressors may be, here are a few suggestions to help you de-stress.

  1. Read a Book-  With today's technology a free book can be found at Amazon and read on your phone.  This way you can immerse yourself in your book whenever you have free time or need a time out.  
  2. Call a Friend-  There is a reason friends are referred to as life lines!  Just remember to keep things positive, so no complaining.  Call your friend for a pick me up and positive word.
  3. Focus on the Positive-  Every morning when you wake up recite 5 things that you appreciate or that you are grateful for in your life.  Recite 5 more items before going to sleep.  
  4. Get Moving-  Take a walk or turn on some music and start dancing.  For even more fun invite someone to join you.
  5. Talk to a Professional-  Call your therapist.  Hopefully they offer e-therapy services.  If you don't have a therapist contact Concierge Counseling.  

Remember to start every anew and cherish every moment with those you care about.


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